Below are the meets that the Club has targeted over the next few months. Click on the meet name to see the flyer.

A coach will attend the meets below as long as a minimum of 6 swimmers are entered.

Auckland Level 1 and Level 2 meets have qualifying times. Click on the link below to check what level your swimmer is:   

level 1 and level 2 swimmers 10th December 2017.docx

Please note that Auckland Level 3 meets don't generally get approved by Swimming New Zealand so times achieved CANNOT be used for National meets.

Click here for instructions to enter a meet


Meet Date of meet

Closing Date

Entries via SNZ Database

Counties Age Group Champs 26th - 28th January 2018 Monday 22nd January 2018
2018 PSC Long Distance Events - FAST_PPK.pdf 1st and 8th February 2018 Saturday 27th January 2018
NZ Junior Festival 16th - 18th February 2018 Tuesday 30th January 2018
NZ Division II 18th - 21st March 2018 Tuesday 6th March 2018
NZ Age Group Champs 17th - 21st April 2018 Tuesday 3rd April 2018